Monday, May 17, 2010

Himkoti Information

Himkoti Centre

Himkoti is situated at a distance of 2.75 kms from Adkuwari and 8.75kms from Katra on the new track. Himkoti is one of the most beautiful spots on this track with breathtaking scenic views of the entire valley. Though Himkoti is not associated with any religious or traditional value yet it has a charm of its own. Nature lovers would love to be in this place.

Himkoti offers a perfect place to relax with artificial ponds a garden and meditation centre. The very nature of this spot along with its natural splendour- captivates the pilgrims with an ethereal and mysterious charm. Packed and cooked food including meals, hot and cold beverages is available here. Himkoti is being developed something more than a view point, with an artificial pond, a garden and a meditation centre.