Thursday, February 12, 2009

The History of Maa Vaishno Devi

The story is very old. To know the history of the temple we must go back to treata yug. In treata yug when Ravana, Kub-karan, Khardooshan, Tadka, Meghnath and others demons tormented the virtuous men, the gods decided to create a divine personality, in the form of a girl for their protection. This gave birth to a beautiful divine girl. The divine girl enquired of Devas, the cause and reason of her birth. The divine forces told her that she had been created to protect Dharma and rekindle spirit of religion. Maa Vaishno devi took birth in the South of India in the home of Ratnakar Sagar, her worldly parents had remained childless for a long time. Ratnakar had promised, the night befor the birth of the divine child that he would not come in the way of whatever his child desired. Girl was called trikuta as a child. Later the some girl was called Vaishnavi because of her taking birth from Lord Vishnu’s lenege.

The religion propagared by this goddess girl was called Vaishno Dharm. With in a short duration the goddess attracted the attention of gods, holy and saints peoples. The fame of divine power and wide and miracle spread far. People started visiting the abode of divine girl to get benediction. When Trikuta was nine years old, Trikuta sought permission from her father for doing penance on the seashore. Trikuta prayed to lord Vishnu in the form of shree Ram chander ji. During Shree Ram Search for Sita, he reached the seashore along with his army. His fell on eyes on this Divine girl in deep meditation. Shree Ram asked of Trikuta, her name and reason for penance. Trikuta replied Shree Ram that she had accepted him as her husband by heart. On hearing this Shree Ram told her that he had vowed to be faithfully to only wife. However, Shree Ram wished that penance of Trikuta should no go unfruitful and waste. There fore Shree Ram said to her, “I will definitely come to see you in a disguised from. If you can recognise me at that time then I will accept you.”

Shree Ram on his return from Lanka, he went to see the girl in the form of an old monk (Sadhu). Trikuta could not recognise God. He revealed his identity and assured Trikuta that in ‘kaliyug’ he will manifest him self as ‘Kalki’ God incarnate and will marry her. He asked Trikuta to meditate in Trikuta range of Manik Mountains, situated in north India. He said that Trikuta would become famous as “Maa Vaishno devi”.

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