Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ban Ganga Temple

Banganga is the place where an arrow was pierced into the earth/ground and from which sprouted the Ganga or Ganges so that Vaishno Mata and her devotee (some believ it was Hanuman) could have a drink of water and quench their thirst.

The legend goes that after the Goddess Vaishno Maa left the Bhumika Temple, she went to the Trikuta Hills passing through here. At this time, Veer Hanuman (Veer Langoor) felt thirsty. The Goddess Vaishno Maa shot an arrow into the stone and a holy river was produced, now known as Ban Ganga. It is called Ban Ganga because the Goddess Vaishno Maa washed her hair at this place. Ban Ganga is about 3-km from Katra.

Present day it is a stream offshoot of the Ganga and there is a spot where there are steps leading down to the stream. Some devotees believe in bathing here others in washing their faces, hands and feet and quenching their thirst before they continue on their journey. Many fill flasks and containers of Ganga Jal and all offer prayers and obeisances at Banganga.
Banganga Darwaja Wallpaper

Banganga Near Temple

Photo of Ban Ganga

Banganga Photo

Banganga Image

Enter in Banganga

Charan Banganga Wallpaper

Banganga Yatris Picture

Ban Ganga Tank Image

Statue of Shiva in Banganga

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